Highways Response

Highways Response


The Highways Response module has been designed for County and Unitary Council Highways Development Control officers. The product is used to handle the Planning requests made to Highways Departments from within a Unitary Authority as well as from a District Council.

With a 21-day turnaround period imposed on Highways departments for such requests, work flow and job allocation are of paramount importance. The DEF solution allows automated requests to be processed through the Unitary Planning module or entered manually in County. These requests are then forwarded electronically to an allocating officer who then assigns cases to individual officers. All correspondence regarding a consultation request can be returned electronically from within the system.

Functionality highlights

  • In-built response editor
  • Automated email responses to LPA
  • Electronic import from Districts
  • Fully integrated with Planning (Unitary)
  • In-built case officer allocation workflow
  • Ability to records detailed inspections

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